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Service packages in Woba

A guide on Woba's Essentiel and premium service packages

As a customer at Woba, we offer two different service packages - Essentiel Service and Premium Service. You can read an explanation of these below and see an overview of the packages in the picture at the bottom.13213123213

Essentiel Service

All customers with Unlimited and Enterprise subscriptions at Woba can benefit from Woba Essential. This includes, among other things, the assignment of a Customer Success Manager (CSM) for new customers. Your CSM will assist you in getting started with Woba through an online onboarding meeting. Additionally, guidance for setting up your organization is available to help kickstart your survey process.

Premium Service

For Woba customers seeking extra assistance in getting started and using the platform, the Premium Service is available for purchase:

This service package includes all the same benefits as the Essential package, along with additional services to make using Woba even more intuitive and enjoyable.

Below, you can find the contents of the 2 service packages:





Customer Success Manager



Assignment of a dedicated advisor



Assistance with setting up the organization - template or manual upload.

Assistance for technical understanding of the onboarding phases

  • How to upload your organization
  • How to create surveys
  • How to create admins
  • How to send out a survey

*Online meeting 45min

Everything from Essential, but with the option for Woba to take over the administrative task of

  • Ensuring API integration with the IT department 
  • Uploading organization based on a template and the provided data, in case API integration is opted out
  • Ensuring the creation of admins
  • Ensuring the creation and setup of surveys (following professional consultation)
  • Ensuring surveys are sent out on time and ongoing supervision of response rates
*Online meeting 45min


Professional sparring and consultation

Equipped to assist with self-help

  • A "Beta" industry-specific booklet
  • Newsletter
  • Learning Center 
  • Webinar 
  • Recommendations in Woba (generic)

Development of surveys to support relevant insights:

  • Based on the customer's objectives, challenges, and strategic direction, we develop a tailored questionnaire framework that undergoes an iterative feedback process.
  • We ensure all questions are method-compliant.
  • We ensure all content in the survey aligns with scientific and theoretical standards.

Regular consultation meetings on new HR trends and general developmental tendencies

*Online meeting 45min



Assistance with understanding calculations in the platform

Professional inputs from psychology and fundamental HR practical theory supporting result comprehension.

One-on-one review of results and perspectives

*Online meeting 45min


Action plans & follow-up measurements

Assistance with creating action plans.

Assistance with follow-up measurements 

Assistance and Woba-driven recommendations for action plans based on results and scientific/theoretical compliance

Assistance with setting up follow-up measurements




Phone and chat support

Ad hoc assistance if errors or challenges arise

A direct phone line to your own Customer Success Manager and dedicated advisor.

One-on-one personal meetings

Hands-on onboarding.